Tab Earley

20 June, 2011

Don’t Use Elance

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When I quit my job in the spring, I signed up to Elance thinking that, at the very least, I could make a bit of money doing freelance writing. It had been recommended to me by someone as a way of finding freelance work, so I signed up. I can’t speak for any other aspect of the site except writing, so none of this may apply to web developers and other freelance users. It does apply to writers, though, and because I don’t want to see anyone else waste time or money on something that isn’t going to get them anywhere, I’m writing this.

Number of jobs I’ve gotten on Elance in 3 months: 2

Number of jobs I’ve completed on Elance and been paid for: 1

Number of jobs I’ve completed and not been paid for: 1 (more…)


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